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Hey. I'm Nutri, a calorie calculator in Facebook Messenger. Click "Send to Messenger" to find any product and I'll tell you some nutrition facts about it.
Improve your dietary habits and get thin. Get the nutritional value of any type of food always and everywhere - either in a restaurant, at a party or at home.

Just send me a message notifying the product name and I'll calculate calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Everything is absolutely free.

Improve your nutritious skills and loose weight. There is no need to doubt before eating, just chat with Nutri.
Absolutely free
Does not requires installation
Always at a hand
Facebook Messenger
About 200 000 products in the database
Сount calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates
Look good
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Lose weight
Eat healthy

Our users love Nutri
Projects manager
I have lost 20 pounds per month using Nutri. It was very easy!
Creative director
I can get to know nutritional value of any product wherever I am. It is very convenient.
I never have doubts eat any product or not. In this case I just type Nutri in Facebook.